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Online Slots Rules

Online Slots Rules – How To Play And Win

Since the Liberty Bell was invented in 1897 by a San Francisco car mechanic, slot machines have gone from strength to strength. Today slots are played by gamblers all over the world, and all online slots follow the same rules. From explaining how they work to giving yourself the best chance of winning, we’ve gone into detail about the slots rules that you need to know before placing your first bet.

How Do Slot Machines Work?

Slot machines are one of the most recognisable features of any Bonus138 casino. Whether you’re playing online or offline, the rule of play for all slots is the same – you enter your money, make your play by pulling a lever/selecting a button, then win or lose based on a combination of spinning reels.

The combination you get once you’ve placed your bet is determined by a random number generator (RNG). RNGs mean that the results of slot machines cannot be predicted, making your odds of winning at any given machine the same at every stage of your betting – whether it’s your first bet or one thousandth.

When betting in land casinos you place a bet by entering money into a slot located on the machine – hence the name. Slot machines in land casinos work by using a currency acceptor, meaning you can pay using notes or coins.

Deciding How Much To Bet On Slot Machines

Like every gambling game, slot machines work on the basis of how much money you are willing to bet. Like every casino game, before you place a bet on a slot machine, you must decide how much money you are able and comfortable to bet. Once you have this amount locked down you should stick to it to make sure you gamble responsibly.

Slot machines can be one of the easiest casino games to get carried away with betting. The opening betting amounts can be as small as £0.01, so it can seem as though you aren’t spending very much money. However, these small amounts can quickly add up, leading you to spend a lot of money over the course of a session.

Winning Combinations When Betting On Slots

You get a winning combination in slots by matching images to form a line from the reels on the machine. Many slot machines require you to match at least three consecutive images from left to right to get a winning combination, but some demand you get five or more.

Reels And Lines In Slot Machines

The action in slot machines comes from columns of images – classic slots are known for using pictures of fruit, which is why they are known as ‘fruities.’ Each column of images on a slot machine is called a reel and the rule to getting a winning combination is that you must make a line (known as a payline) from your reels.

The number of possible winning combinations when playing slot machines depends on how many paylines you select. For example, on a three-row slot, picking one payline will mean you need a winning combination from the centre reel, choosing two will be the top and bottom, and opting for three will mean you need all of the rows to come good: for example, the image below shows a winning line of five 7s on one row.

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